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Hawaii Exlcusive Design Fashion, Mini Bags, Handbags, Totes, Cell Phone bags and pouches
Currency converter for Shopping in Hawaii
Vintage Hawaiiana, Artesian and contemporary collectors - decorative Magnets
Contact Information - Honolulu - Waikiki local Weather forecast and Time
Shipping Information - *Free Shipping. Our prices + shipping charges compete with or are less than offers including Free Shipping!
Testimonials and Awards
Fill up a priority mail box
Only $10.95 to USA 50
PO Box - APO - FPO
holds 15 pack coffee
Fill up a priority mail flat rate box. If it fits it ships. We are proud to have the lowest shipping rates from Hawaii. America Supports You. Our Military Women and Men. USPS AP FPO Shipping. With SIPhawaii Pay only $10.95.
Free Shipping* from Hawaii to USA 50 and International, Terms and Conditions
Hawaiian Turtles Magnet - Artesian and contemporary fridge Magnets.
Lugage Tag Slippers - Hawaiian Lugage Tags and Straps selection.
Island Ties Luggage Straps 6 Unique Hawaiian Floral designs. A Lei for your luggage.

Hawaiian Calendars 2012 selection Floral, Scenic and Surfing.
Lion Coffee of Hawaii - Hawaiin All Islands Coffee Gold Packs 100 percent Kona. Hawaiian Natural Tea - Tropical Flavors - Iced Tea - Herbal, Organic and Decaffeinated Teas
LeSportsac Hawaii Exclusive Designs
Kukui Oil - Natural Bath and Body products -  Moisturizers, Cream, Lotion, Oil, Soap, Gift sets.
Emery Boards - Nail files - Hawaiian Style.
Trip and Hawaiian Holiday Planner or re-visit your vacation. Video Postcards on DVD from all Islands.
Body Mint Tablets - Personal Care - Hawaii's Natural all Body Freshner

HAWAIIAN ISLES Coffee Sale.  LION Coffee  100% Kona light medium roast ,
100% ROYAL KONA medium roast  -  Ground  or  Beans 9 Pack  $119.99 ~4 Pound

 NEW - Coffee sticks for on the go or office  KONA INSTANT Coffee @25c/Cup  When you like it instantly, hot and quality improvement at a lower price.
"The Instant coffee from Kona is the very best I've ever tasted!" - Helen G., Springfield MA.
Hawaiian Style Breakfast Packs   A tropical escape from boring breakfasts.

Coffee - Decaf - Organic 100% Kona coffee and Kona coffee blends

  Kona Coffee, Royal Kona coffee, Kona Joe, Kauai coffee, Hawaiian Isles, Maui coffee, Molokai coffee, Oahu coffee, Mulvadi, Organic coffee, Decaffeinated coffee, Decaf  
PANCAKE MIX Case 15 $29.90
Aloha Sunset Foods Pancake Mix all flavors - By the case and single packs

Coffee from all Royal Hawaiian Isles Coffee from 5 Hawaiian islands

The Hawaiian isles are in the coffee zone.
Maui Molokai Oahu Kauai Kona-Hawai'i.
Beach Life Stackable Hawaiian Coffee Mugs Duo - Coffee 4 2 - Click here to buy at our 'a little Aloha' page.  The Hawaiian Islands are just before the date line and in the coffee zone! Copyright© 2007 - 2010 SIPhawaii. All rights reserved. Hula Girl available as a Magnet or Playing Cards
The best fancy coffee beans grow in Hawaii.
Sip some Hawaiian Isles Kona coffee again .
Try our All Islands coffee 5 pack.
In paradise you loved the Hawaiian Kona coffee, organic, decaffeinated coffee.
You were dazzled by the pure Kona coffee selection and 'special offer'.
Hawaiian Kona coffee 7,8,10oz flavored coffees and 10% percent Kona blend.
How to fit all those 100% Hawaiian coffees in your suitcase? Good news!
Here's an easy selection of the best gourmet coffee brands of Hawaii to enjoy.
In a hurry for a gift? Try our all-islands fancy coffee beans 5-pack samplers.

Hawaiian Isles 10% Blend 10 oz

9 Pack Mix and Match
Lowest Online Prices
Hawaiian Isles Coffee Kona Coffee Classic and Sunrise, Tropical flavored coffees and Decaffeinated coffees - Mix and Match.

100% KAUAI Coffee 4Lb $74.25
Kauai Coffee - 100% USA Coffee - Estate grown and roasted.

Hula Girl Cosmetic Bags - Cell Phone Pouches - Totes

Hawaii Exclusive Designs - Hula Honeys - Cosmetic and cell phone pouches, tote bags and luggage travel accessoiries.
Hawaii Exclusive Design Travel Accessories Luggage Straps

a little aloha - gifts and souvenirs - gift baskets

5 Islands Coffees
100% Kona Coffee beans and Coffees from all 5 coffee growing Hawaiian Isles.
Sampler pack
Mulvadi Kona Coffee - Beans and Ground cofees - Instant freeze dried.9 Pack 4 Lb
Mulvadi Coffee Beans
WB / Ground
The Year 2012 Hawaiian calendars available NOW!
2012 Hawaiian calendar - Scenery of Hawaii. 2012 Surfing Hawaii Calendar. Big Island of Hawaii - 2011 Wall Calendar.

Hawaiian Islands Tea   Green - Herbal - Caffeine free - Organic

Hawaiian Ohina Mamaki Tea leafs - decaffeinated tea - decaf

Ohina Mamaki Tea

Fruity Iced Tea
For that Aloha
Hawaiian Aloha Sunset products - Iced Tea and Pancake mix
sunset feeling

Hawaiian Islands Tea - assorted black and green, organic, herbal, fruity flavors - tea bags
Hawaiian Natural Tea - Organic - tea bags

Hawaiian Natural Tea

Hawaiian Islands Tea - 5 Pack / 100 bags $24.99

Royal Kona coffee

100% KONA 9-Pack $119.99
9 Pack Variety or Same $5.49e
Royal Kona Coffee - single, 3,6, or 9 pack Mix and Match.

chocolate Macadamia nuts

Organic - Cholesterol free - Sugar free - flavors
  Wide variety of Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts. unsalted - sea salt
Macadamia nuts. Salted, unsalted, SeaSalt. Flavored variety.

Island Foods   Cooking - Salad Oil, BBQ Spices

Pancake Mix-Waffle Mix Hula Girl Kona Coast Aloha Sunset Maui Taro
seal Made in Maui seal Grown in Hawaii with Aloha. Hawaii Seal of Quality. seal Kauai Made. seal Hawaiian Organic Farmers Association.
Macadamia nut Oil - Ahi Poke Pupus - Coconut Syrups - Guava Jellies
Tropical cuisine, Seasoning, Treats and Luau Dessert from the Hawaiian Isles.

LION 24•KARAT 100% Kona

APG / Whole Bean ~4Lb
9-Pack Only $119.99
 Lion Coffee of Hawaii - 24 Karat - 100% Kona Coffee.

Scenic DVD Videos and Island Music

CD selection of Hawaii's best performing artists
Classic - Popular - Contemporary - Relaxing
Iz Israel - Amy Gilliom Hanaiali'i
Trip and Hawaiian Holiday Planner or re-visit your vacation. Video Postcards on DVD from all Islands. Greatest Songs - Volume 1. Music from the Pacific - Great for parties.

Bath & Body   Kukui Oil, Cream, Lotion, Soap

Oils of Aloha - Emery Boards - Lip Balm - Bath Crystals - Glycerin Soap
Kukui Oil - Natural Bath and Body products -  Moisturizers, Cream, Lotion, Oil, Soap, Gift sets.  Emery Boards - Hawaiian Style.  Lip Balm - Made in Hawaii - 4 Exotic fruity flavors to choose from.  Bath Crystals - Made in Hawaii - 5 tropical scents to choose from.
Hawaiian / Maui Tanning & After Sun Lotion - One Stop Save on Shipping


Kona Coffee + Tea + Syrup

 Kona Breakfast Pack - Kona Coast Pancake Mix - Royal Kona Coffee - Coconut Syrup

Aloha Health +   Organic Noni vcaps

Astaxantin by Bio-Astin Hawaii - Antioxidant softgels Made in Hawaii - a high potency natural antioxidant with many therapeutic benefits. Organic Noni Powder in Vegetarian Capsules from Maui Hale Wai Ola Natural Dietary SupplementBody Mint Tablets Hawaiian Organics, Dietary Supplements 
Hawaiian Natural Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals
Bio Astin Antioxidant - Organic Noni in Vegetarian Capsules
Wai Ola for weight loss and diabetics - Body Mint

~ a Little Aloha ~ Exclusive Hawaiiana affordable premium gifts and souvenirs - to treasure the memories and the Spirit of Aloha.

Our large colorful selection contains some of the bestselling Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs - giftbaskets - compose your own gift baskets.
Find more on our 'a little Aloha' page - 'a little love' for your family, friends and yourself.
2012 Calendars Coffee mugs Candles Kitchen mitt sets Magnets Hawaiiana Luggage Straps Stationery
flowers scenic all islands Coffee for two island style - scented colorful as Hawaii Vintage - Contemporary and Tags sticky notes
Flowers of Hawaii - 2012 Calendar - 12 page letter size wall calendar Hawaiin Coffee Mugs. Tropical scented candles. Tropical decorated Kitchen Mitt sets. Hawaiiana Magnets - Vintage, Comteporary and Artisian. Luggage straps and Tags. Hawaiian Stationery and Sticky Notes

Island Ties Luggage Straps on Sale - 'A lei for your luggage' in 6 vibrant Hawaiian designs and colors - 'Aloha is easy to recognize'
Luggage Strap by Island Ties Hawaiian Style - A lei for your suitcase.
Hawaiian Hono Turtle - A Lei for your luggage        Hawaiian Islands Plumeria Lei for your suitcase

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About free shipping from Hawai'i

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Do the math!
We are sorry to inform you that in reality that there is no such a thing as "Free Shipping" from Hawaii unless the cost of shipping is included / hidden in the product price but, you guessed it, in that case it is not so "free".

There is no UPS or FedEx cheap 'ground shipping' from Hawaii.
USPS - United States Postal Services uses FedEx airfreight or commercial airlines for shipping from the Hawaiian Islands.
Estimated average delivery time to the USA 50 states: 2 - 4 business days from Hawaii**.
That's why we use USPS Priority Mail for 24/6 pickup and world wide delivery, also to PO BOX , APO/FPO, Alaska, Guam and Puerto Rico.
For address instructions to APO - Army Post Office and FPO - Fleet Post Office visit our 'Terms and Conditions' page.

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-  Not all 'Hawaiian' e-commerce business operate from Hawai'i.
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-  email us for Kona Coffee buy the case.

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About the pink banner and buttons
Hawaiian sunset petroglyph

Dedicated to the Hawaiian Sunrises and Sunsets, and The Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach - also known as the Pink Palace of
the Pacific - where while sipping our morning coffee at the outdoor beach front restaurant ‘SIPhawaii’ – Shop In Paradise was 'born'.
Royal Hawaiian Sunset
More info about the Royal Hawaiian Hotel:
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, renown as the Pink Palace of the Pacific,
is a hotel located at 2259 Kalākaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. One of the first hotels established in Waikiki, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is considered one of the flagship hotels in Hawaii tourism. It opened its doors to guests on February 1, 1927 with a
black-tie gala attended by over 1,200 guests.

In 2009 The Royal Hawaiian refreshed its grandeur with a multimillion dollar transformation, taking "The Pink Palace" a step beyond
traditional luxury resort expectations. The redesign has revitalized the entire property, conjuring a decidedly chic and modern atmosphere that is still captivatingly Hawaiian, making this Waikiki's finest luxury resort.
The Royal Hawaiian is a playground for international royalty, Hollywood elite, and heads of state, this legendary pink-hued retreat is ushering in
a new era of Hawaiian-style luxury on Oahu's golden Waikiki Beach
with striking décor and unmatched service.

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Aloha – as the Founder & Owner of SIPhawaii | ShopInParadise, I am dedicated to ensuring a high quality, fulfilling shopping experience for you, our customers. Please contact me directly with your comments and questions. Mahalo
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